Bennett and Schockman Named IAAI Fire Investigators of the Year!

FEC Investigators Scott Bennett and Mark Schockman shared the IAAI’s 2020 Investigator of the Year Award! This award was presented to Scott and Mark for their extraordinary work on a case in which a man was wrongfully charged with one count of aggravated arson and two counts of child endangering.

In the end, with the application of the scientific method and the principles of fire investigation gained throughout their successful careers, Bennett and Schockman’s work resulted in the dismissal of all charges. Due to their resolve, an injustice was avoided and an innocent man was cleared.

FEC is extremely proud of the work performed by Scott Bennett and Mark Schockman. This is an exceptional example of the importance for all fire investigators to properly apply the scientific method, follow the guidelines of NFPA 921, and meet or exceed the requirements of NFPA 1033. By following that prescription, Bennett and Schockman found that the “Truth is Within the Ashes.”

The IAAI is comprised of over 80 Chapters and over 10,000 members. To be recognized and honored by an organization of peers of that magnitude is truly an impressive accomplishment.

FEC would also like to acknowledge Professional Engineer Scott Jones and Metallurgist Dr. Brian Joyce for their contribution to this case as well.

Congratulations Scott Bennett and Mark Schockman!!!

The full nomination as well as a list of other IAAI award winners can be found by clicking here: IAAI 2020 Awards.